Truck Accidents


Accidents involving trucks or commercial vehicles such as buses or delivery vehicles are very different than typical motor vehicle accidents. They involve larger and heavier vehicles that can cause significantly worse injuries, even at slow speeds. 

Often, insurance companies will either deny liability or refute that a person has suffered significant injury. Too often, insurance companies tend to measure or calculate a person’s injury based on the amount of damage to the vehicle, which is downright wrong. While truck companies have significant insurance policies, insurance companies take advantage of truck accident victims because few victims seek proper legal representation. 


Investigating a truck accident can be more complicated than a typical motor vehicle accident. Insurance companies will retain very competent defense attorneys to refute claims and liability. 
The Zolfaghari Law Firm has significant resources to investigate the accident aggressively. We retain world-class accident reconstructionist experts and engineering experts to help uncover negligence by the truck driver and truck company. 
Common ways to investigate and prove liability against the truck companies include: 
• Engine Control Module:

Most vehicles, including commercial trucks, have special recording devices similar to a “black box” in airplanes that retain information. These devices are like the “brain of the engine” and store information such as the speed the vehicles were traveling, any sudden breaking, and the speed before and at the time of the collision. 

• Cameras:
Many trucking companies now install cameras on their commercial trucks which can be very helpful to prove the truck driver and trucking companies are liable. 
• Electronic Logging Devices
Truck drivers are required by law to record and log their driving hours to create a better work environment for truck drivers and safer roads. These digital records will show whether a truck driver and the truck company are compliant with regulations in the trucking industry, such as the “hours of service” laws that limit the amount of hours a truck driver is driving. 
• Inspection, Repair and Maintenance”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has strict laws which all truck companies need to be in compliance with as it relates to the inspections, repairs and maintenance of their trucks. A violation of these laws may be establish liability against the trucking companies. 


Truck accidents may cause several injuries, ranging from mild brain trauma to broken bones to permanent disfigurement and brain damage. 
The main legal challenge in accidents involving significant injuries such as catastrophic or life-altering injuries is the persuasive and comprehensive presentation of your injuries to the truck or bus company’s insurance companies.
To bring your injury to light and tell your story, we carefully select and assemble a team of medical, rehabilitative, and life care planning experts whose experience and credentials match your specific situation. These professionals are not only critical to proving your injuries, but they can also help treat your physical injuries and in helping your family adapt to the difficult realities of an uncertain prognosis or a permanent disability.


The Zolfaghari Law Firm has years of experience in handling truck accident cases. Before establishing the firm, attorney Daryoush Zolfaghari successfully represented trucking companies and some of the nation’s largest truck insurance companies against drivers injured by the direct negligence of truck drivers. Daryoush brings a unique approach to litigating cases in this specialized area. Give us a call and let’s see how we can represent your interest.
Having spent so many years successfully representing the landlords, Daryoush brings a unique approach in litigating against landlords and their anticipated high-powered defense attorneys as he understands the defense’s strategy and how the insurance companies evaluate each case.