Bar and Nightclub Injuries


Most of us enjoy a nice night out at a restaurant, bar, or nightclub to dine, drink, dance or mingle with friends. For the most part, these establishments are safe. However, it is no secret that all these establishments can get rowdy at times.

When you are injured at a bar, nightclub or venue, the venue owner and/or property owner may be liable and responsible for your injuries besides the person who was the direct cause of the injury. 

Common scenarios where these establishments may be liable to you are the following: 

  • Bar fights – injured in a fight as a bystander 
  • Negligent security – overly aggressive security 
  • Slip and falls – failure by the venue to maintain the floors and premises


Whether you are a victim of a bar fight or you are the misfortunate patron hit by broken glass or a flying chair or trampled by a crowd trying to get out of harm’s way, the establishment may be liable to you for your injuries. Owners of these establishments are liable to their patrons under strict premises liability laws and theories to provide a safe environment and protect its patrons from overly intoxicated patrons or rowdy patrons.

Some ways to prove liability against an owner is to show that the owner failed to provide adequate security personnel given the amount of people in the establishment. Also, establishments who over serve an intoxicated patron may be responsible for any injuries caused by the intoxicated patron. 


Event venues, bars, and nightclubs usually have security personnel to ensure the safety of its patrons. Far too many times, we have experienced the overly aggressive security personnel who fails to act in a reasonable manner in protecting the establishment and its patrons by either failing to protect patrons from harm, such as a bar fight, or by causing the harm by using excessive force on a patron. 

Security personnel must receive proper training and many times the lack of training by the security providers or establishment owners is the cause of a patron’s unfortunate and preventable injury. In situations where a patron is injured by a security personnel, both the establishment and the security provider may be liable. 


Sloshed drinks, food and debris on the floor, and uneven flooring are just some of the hazards that can harm patrons where an establishment fails to clean up messes and safely maintain the establishment. However, proving an establishment is liable for your injury is not always so easy. You must demonstrate that the establishment knew or should have known of the dangerous or hazardous condition and that they failed to correct it by cleaning it up. 


The Zolfaghari Law Firm has experience dealing with injuries relating to bars and nightclubs. They not only have knowledge about the laws involving injuries at these establishments but knowledge on the day-to-day operations of these establishments which give them the upper hand when litigating your case. Attorney Daryoush Zolfaghari has years of experience in hospitality industry standards and has significant resources to investigate your claims aggressively. 

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can properly treat your injuries with our medical professional and defend your rights against those who are responsible.